Advanced T&P 2A inverse square law using flash Shoot 2

Camera kit:

camera:Canon 600d

Flashgun: Canon 430EXll Speedlite

The aims for this task was to experiment and continue with my inverse square law shoots I took this task a step further and tried using flash outdoors because I had a large wall that was blocking the light from coming on one side I got my colleague to stand on the far outside where the light was coming from and moved in towards the wall.

I managed to achieve what I was wanting to get out of this task by using the flashgun but I feel as though the inverse square law didn’t work within this shoot I started off with my aperture on F:11 and for my final image I then went on to F5.6 which didn’t really make a difference. I feel like I do need to continue doing some more shoots but choosing various types of location and see the different results I get within the shoots but I know that I have learnt something from this shoot and I can carry on doing shoots and improve on my inverse square law. I did get her to move six feet away which altogether was twelve feet away from the preview shoot I feel as though the images from the beginning came out on the correct exposed but the final one looks a bit underexposed now this maybe because of the flash as you can tell Cleary within this shoot that a flash has been used.

Overall it was a great task I wasn’t sure what I was going to get from this shoot but doing this shoot has now told me what I need to do in order to improve and how to make it work for the next shoot.  For my next shoot I was wanting to use a object and try doing the inverse square law shoot from indoors and see what kind of results I achieve from this.


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