Advanced T&P 2A inverse square law Shoot 1

Inverse square law

Aim for the shoot was to do a range of shoots using the Inverse square law techniques. Inverse square law is a light source that travel, the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second and 299, 792 kilometres per second.

Within inverse square law when you double the distance from the light source you will be quartering the light source. This may sound very daunting and confusing at the begging but once you have the camera in your hand and you are actually doing it becomes very similar and clear.

This was a class task that was set as we all worked in groups and helped each other out working how to create the shoot using the inverse square law. We worked in the studio I did some shoots within the studio but due to memory card faulty I lost my images. As we are not allowed to use the studio without been supervised I haven’t had a chance to revisit the studio to do some shoots using the studio lighting.

But instead I did some shoots using natural lighting and got my class friend to sit in front of the lighting and I got some food objects that are made out of icing to do some inverse square law.

Light speed: Example of how fast light travels

Using a large window for natural lighting looking at this shoot you can tell it worked out well and the inverse law worked if you look at the first image you can see the light coming in front the side but as she moves another three feet away from the light you can tell a little difference but it hasn’t made a massive impact on the image but as I got her to move another three feet which altogether is six I went up to f5.6 from f11 which then shows a greater difference within the lighting and you can see what it has to done to the image.

Using object shooting inverse square law I metered my settings and the readings were F6.3 and when we tried again it went to F5.6 so then I just kept it to F5.6 and choose to move it three feet away from the light source as you look at the middle image it looks very warm and it could seem like the white balance had been changed to shade but that wasn’t the case it was the impact of the light source when I moved the food and also the back wall that was coming within the image also changed the whole impact by reflecting that lighting of the wall in.  . But then I moved it again which was six feet away from its original position but if you look these a white ball behind it which has helped it to reflect some of that lighting that is coming from outside back on to the food.

Overall the shoot was a great success and I feel that I got a hang of how the inverse square law works using different light sources. It is amazing the way light travels that people don’t really think of it but once you have that camera in your hand and you need that light in or you want to take some lighting out as your image might be over exposed or getting bleached out the next thing you would turn to is the inverses square law it works great and is very helpful. My next step is to continue doing some inverse square law shoots and maybe try it on location and see how that may work.


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