Advanced T&P 2A inverse square law of light Using product shoot 3

Camera kit:

Camera: Canon 600d

Flashgun: Canon 430EXll Speedlite

The aim for this shoot were to continue with my inverse square law light shoots within this shoot I wanted use the lighting only and see what results I achieve from this. I got a glass pyramid that I thought would work great because you can see through it and you would be able to get how the light has travelled through and shoot has been exposed in every move.

I got achieve what I was looking for within this shoot I feel as though it worked with this task and you can clearly see that by looking at the images that it was a successful shoot. What’s next! I will be doing some shoots using the light as I experimented using outdoor lighting and flash and I have managed to do some successful shoots indoors using external lighting coming in through windows. I definitely have a clear idea of how inverse square law works and doing these shoots has gained that extra knowledge about how it all works.

Overall it was a great successful shoot and I have achieved every aspect that I was aiming to get out of this shoots. My next aim will be to try to get some shoots by using the studio light due to a faulty memory card I lost all of my studio inverse square shoots, so my aim is to get them all back by doing some more shoots.


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