Advanced T&P 2A (Job shoot using led lighting)

Aims for the following shoot was to do a shoot using LED lighting which I have never done before I also used my flash on wireless in order to expose to extra lighting within the area. As I did some shoots of the lighting most of my images were coming out over exposed and way to light because of the lighting as it was very bright so I turned my shutter speed to bulb and took each exposure for 3 seconds or 6 seconds which came out perfect.

I did achieve some great results that I was aiming to achieve as this was a job for someone it was in my hand to make sure I achieve a great results as they were going to publish these images to get the public’s attentions as it is a new show room that has been opened.

My aim was to capture the LED lighting at it is a continuous lighting and see how it gets captured at first it was difficult to get the right exposure but once I had the hand of it I was up and running I managed to achieve a  mixture of kinds of shoots that worked out well. As I have never shoot using LED lighting before I thought it is very bright and gives a cold feeling as it bright and blue looking at the images you will be able to tell they are very strong and lighten up the place very well.

Overall it was a great result I am very happy with what I managed to achieve and getting used to using LED lighting as technology is moving on very fast LED lights are the next thing that will be used for photography so it is good to be advanced and up to date using various kinds of equipment.
IMG_7404 IMG_7409 IMG_7428 IMG_7436 IMG_7532 IMG_7528 IMG_7525 IMG_7483 IMG_7523

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