Advanced Studio Practice 2A Proposal shoots

Aims for these shoot was to create a food magazine look which inspire a range of audience My aims was to make the food eye catching and make the audience want it and walk about it to their friends and family soon as they see the image that’s the kinds of image I am trying to achieve.  Props I used various kinds of shapes to make my food look eye catching. I had some bread which is made out with flower I than got the shapes and did a range of them and then cooked them once that was done I lay them on to the plate alongside with the curry and salad.

I achieved some great results that I was not expecting I used two different light sources to achieve a great eye catching look to the images I also used my flash on some parts on the food to make it look even and eye catching. I wanted a happy feeling so if you’re going out and you have your mind set on what you’re going to have main was on this food that’s why I wanted to achieve that great catch to the image and make it look amazing mouth-watering. What’s next: I will be doing some more shoots on food but I am changing my mind and thinking of doing more close up shoots of the food in order to get that great detail of the food and make it look more attractive and I feel that will defiantly check the audience’s attention.

Overall I feel I have created some great range of shoots which personally I am very happy with and feel as though I have achieved a range of shoots that I was aiming to achieve. I feel as though I need to do at least another two or three more shoots just to get few close up shoots of the food and make it look eye catching the reason I think it would be better doing some more shoots but close up I feel that would defiantly get the public’s attention.

IMG_7259 IMG_7271 IMG_7298 IMG_7340 IMG_7350 IMG_724275

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