Advanced Studio Practice 2A Proposal shoot

Aim for the following shoot as from my preview shoot I was aiming to achieve an image that would fit perfect in a food magazine so here is another re-shoot of some homemade food the aims for this shoot was to try to get some close up shoots and see how that would turn out to be.

I had a group tutorial will my university colleagues were we gave feedback about each other’s work.

My aims were to capture a mouth watering dish as you would see on a poster, billboards something that attracts your attention straightaway and makes you want it right there and then. Or if you was at home at your favourite dish was been made and you was so happy like a little kid that can’t wait and have that excitement happy feeling. That’s the kind of an image I was trying to create but as I have been doing my Proposal shoots from the begging I wanted some ideas. My group mentioned either having some plates ready on a table or a group of hand in one dish. I wasn’t sure about trying it with the hand so I gave it ago with one of my preview shoots after doing the shoot and looking back I wasn’t very happy about having different hands in but then I carried on looking at some food photography shoots and I thought of doing some more close up shoots instead meaning taking any props out and just focus more on the detail of the food using a range of lighting around it which made it very appealing.  What’s next: I am going to continue doing a range of few more shoots but this time I’m going on to location and see what kind of results I will achieve even though my aim is to do some more in focussed shoots.

Overall I am very happy with the shoot I will be using F2.8 Aperture for all of my close up shoots as I feel personally I am achieving some great results and feel as though I am starting to achieve some great images and I feel as though I have defiantly made a great impacted and have improved very much within my still life food photography.

IMG_2658 IMG_2662 IMG_2687 IMG_2707 IMG_2748

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