Advanced Studio Practice 2A Conceptualising objcets (fork and knife)

Aims Conceptualising items for this I used fork and Knife as I am doing food I thought of finding something in relation to that which is using fork and knife when you eat your meals. I thought of this idea of placing the items in my coat pocket as you would never expect to see them there and it looks very confusing.

As you can see in the images I have chosen to place them in my pocket and I put my camera settings to self timer and controlled the shoots using a remote I did think of using someone within the shoot instead of myself but as I thought it’s my project and I would like to be in somewhere to show what my over all idea of the shoots was. Looking at the images that I have taken my main plan was to look confused thinking what is a kitchen fork and knife doing in my pocket as no one would ever expect to see or have them in their pockets.

Overall the idea of the shoot was great and went to plan as I had set and I have managed to achieve some conceptualising shoots which were great. My first idea was to put some food in my pocket but then I did think that may go wrong or not look very good so I thought of choosing an idea like this which was something completely out of the box and I have never thought of overall I am very pleased with the shoot and think I have put my point forward within what I was trying to achieve from this shoot.

IMG_7370 IMG_7373 IMG_7381

The following three images above show me wearing the coat with the items within my pocket because the coat colour was light green it didn’t really help as it made it hard to see the items in my pocket as I took some images from a different angle in order to get the items seen within the image which did work on they end. looking at my final image below I was trying to achieve a confusing look to make the views think what is a knife and fork doing in my pocket it took few shoots to get that image correct and just as I want it but I finally got there and managed to do it.



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