Advanced T&P 2A (No day light brief)

The aim for this shoot was to catch the sun set as I got to the train station I saw this image in my head and though of capturing it as I see it which I did and as it fits in very well with my no day light brief I thought I could use one of the following images as my best practice images.

As I was taking a shoot I had a lens that was a 50mm and I was also using a 50mm lens to shoot so what I did was take both caps of and placed it in front of my 50mm lens and I could see the sky within the lens but upside down which I thought was amazing and the overall image came out very well and just as I was expecting it to be. The details and the bokeh that is within the image is what I was looking for so I set my aperture at F2.8 and the results of getting the bokeh within the image just carried on coming as I was shooting I am very happy with the shoot and I have managed to achieve some great results that I thought I may not be able to get as the sun was setting I had to be fast before the clouds moved away.

Overall the shoot was very successful as they was not planning done for the shoot and It just was one of them things were I saw a great opportunity and I took my camera out at that point and I managed to successfully achieve some great results.

IMG_7040 IMG_7195 IMG_7208 IMG_7212 copy IMG_7215 IMG_7216

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