Advanced T&P 2A Using Reflectors (TEST SHOOT)

The aims for this task were to use flash using a soft box and reflectors. Because I was doing a shoot on a baby this was very important that I use soft light as babies are very sensitive and they vision isn’t great as most children’s visions begins to improve at the age of five. 

As I wanted to achieve different results using the flash and reflector I had gold and a silver reflector and the other two sides where black and white. I used all four and managed to achieve some great results from this shoot. The black one did work as well as black always takes light and never reflects it back were as the others did if you look at the shoots you can clearly tell where and how the lighting has been used within the shoots. I used my flashgun on wireless which is great as I have ordered some triggers but have not arrived yet but I managed to set my flash on wireless using the camera which was great because I handle the situation very well without any issues.  I used different angles to achieve different results which was great because I used a white wall which brought the lighting back in and faced the flash to the celling which also reflected the lighting back down and made it fall on the baby to give that extra light which worked out perfect.

What’s next I have some great ideas for what I will be doing for my proposal shoots using some of the ideas that I have done within these shoots. Overall it was a great success and I managed to successfully get the result using flash in different ways and it has gave me some ideas on how to use lighting on children with sensitive eye’s which is very important as been a photographer and I have learnt some great ideas which I will keep in mind and use for my proposal shoots.


IMG_6867 IMG_6823 IMG_6905 IMG_6825


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