Advanced T&P 2A Developing using flash (TESTING FLASH ILLUMINATED LIGHTING)

Advanced T&P 2A Developing using flash (TESTING FLASH ILLUMINATED LIGHTING)

  • Apertures: F11/ F5.6
  • Shutter speed: 1/125
  • ISO: 100 / 800

The aims for the following task were to develop my skills using flash on others as I tried using flash on myself and seen how i could try it I choose to do a shoot of others and see how it works. Alongside to that last week we did some shoots working in the studio using the lighting on the wireless flash triggers and I did some illuminated face shoots which I was really happy with and though it was interesting which I wanted to give another go with at home.

For these shoots I could a family member and set my flashgun on wireless and placed in various angles in such ways where I could get the illuminated lighting on his face which worked out perfectly and I successfully achieved some great results that I wanted to achieve. Within the studio we had a bit of trouble as such as the lighting was hitting the back walls and as we didn’t want backlighting within the image but I gave it a go as you can tell I have one image were you can see the lighting hitting the back wall and it is all in forces.  To resolve this backlighting problem I got him to sit on e sofa and in a angle were when my flashgun shoots the lighting will hit on to his face and the wall and stay within the area of the shoot and it actually successfully worked which I am happy with and have resolved this problem by using recourses within the room.

Overall the shoot was a great success and I managed to create an illuminated lighting within the room and without using anything else which is good. I have gained confidence within doing this task as now if I was put in the spot to do an illuminated lighting shoot on a person or anything else I would know how to resolve this problem.

IMG_1846 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2046


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