Advanced T&P 2A Drawing with lighting (slow shutter speed) Testing

The aim of this task was to use lighting by using slow shutter speed and achieving various kinds of results which was kind a good as I managed to achieve some great results that I thought I never would be able to do.

I have ordered few items regarding my shoots but my items haven’t arrived at the moment so I just managed to use the resources around the house that I good find but overall the results that I got were great. I choose to do some drawing with a little light touch that I found and tried some drawing such as different patterns and smiley faces over all the results were coming out as I expected so I changed things around my using different apertures.

Apertures: I took a self portrait of myself and alongside that I took down the aperture as I was using it on F11 which but in the following image that looks over exposed I took the aperture up to F22 as I was using the lighting on the lamp that spread more lighting and added more within the image, I also tried drawing and it worked out well and you could still see it but if I left the expose on for another 20seconds it would have taken the drawing lighting out of the image and overexposed the image as I was only using my shutter speed up to 10 seconds or 15 seconds which over all was coming out perfect and just as i expected it to.

Overall the results were great and I managed to do some technique tasks that were new to me and I managed to successfully achieve something out of it which was great. My next step would be to use a flash and see what kind of results I get from that. Doing this task was great and gave me some ideas of what I could add within my proposal project my using some of the following techniques.

IMG_2755 IMG_2756 IMG_2767 IMG_2770 IMG_2778 IMG_2781 IMG_2783

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