Advanced T&P 2A Self test shoots (Developing using Flash slow shutter speed)

The aim for this task was to use a flashgun on a low shutter speed I turned my shutter to bulb because I wanted to experiment using flash alongside with it. To begin with I tried some shoots using different apertures and see what results I managed to achieve. If you look at the images that look over exposed I used F5.6 which was just right and dint over expose my images I could have gone down to F2.8because I was using a 50mm lens which takes in loads of lighting.

I also did some double expose images were I wanted to come within the image twice at first I wasn’t sure if this may work but once I gave it a shoot it worked first time which convinced me that I know how it done so I did a range of double expose shoots.

Looking at my images I feel happy with what I have done and if I was to give it a shot again I know I would achieve the results that I am looking for. If you look at the double expose images you can see two images of me one is quite strong and the other image is quit soft and not so Sharpe as the other image. The image that is Sharpe is the one that were the flash has shot on has I press the shutter button and the second image has been exposed it is self with the natural lighting within the room as this would be the light bulb within the room. I have also done the same with the other few images under the following double exposed images but with these images I used F22 which was just enough to get in the flashgun lighting in within the shoot as I left the shutter only for 8-10 seconds per shoot.

Overall I am very happy with the results of the shoots that I have taken alongside this I feel as though I am ready to start to capture my images for my proposal project due to memory card faulty I lost my data and images that were part of my proposal which just left me to re do my shoots again. But overall the shoot was a great result the next step from this is now to do some more shoots using flash in various places and start shooting my proposal images.

IMG_2818 IMG_2823 IMG_2828 IMG_2835 IMG_2844 IMG_2846 IMG_2847

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