Advanced Studio Practice 2A 3nd food shoot

The aims for this task were to create a range of images that advertise food in such a way that my visually looking at it you would get an idea of how it would taste. For the following images I have edited them in such a way that you can see the details of everything within the food and catch the different lighting that falls on to the food. I got my kebabs and the chilli source and placed it in a dish that you can visually see true as in this case as that is part of the food I wanted it to standout alongside everything else.

As you can tell with the first image I have chosen to use a white backdrop which personally didn’t work out well as I thought it might as the plate was white it felt as though everything didn’t fall in to place as I thought it might but then I changed my backdrop back to black as that worked perfect and made everything within the plate standout as I was expecting to which was great. But as I have still wanting to use a white backdrop for my shoots as I think it look great and I do feel as though it standout to resolve this case I have thought of using different coloured plates or something that wont conflict within the backdrop.

Looking at the final five images with a dark backdrop has worked perfect as I was wanting the details of the food is well stood out as I was wanting and the lighting as been adjusted I did use levels and curves to adjust the lighting as I was not keen on the normal light that was set as for this shoot my aim was to get some soft light and make the food on the plate stand out I do feel as though I have achieved what I wanted but do think I need another few more goes at this and can improve more within my shoots.

Overall the shoot went good I have managed to achieve some great shoots but using the white backdrop I did come across some difficulties as such as the backdrop and the dishes conflict which I wasn’t very happy with so I have thought about trying to use different coloured dishes that may make the white backdrop stand out but overall I think the good was perfect Image to achieve some great shoots that I was looking for. I do feel as though I need to do another few more shoots as to improve on what I am looking for within my shoots and have my final five images ready as I feel at the ,moment I don’t have enough.


IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1904 IMG_1907

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