Advanced Studio Practice 2A 2nd food shoot

Aims for this task as part of my proposal I have chosen to do a shoot on food the main aim for this shoot was to shoot the food in various kinds of ways that you would see on a magazine or billboards.

The concept of this shoot was to do a shoot of warm food as I have done some research and seen a range of warm food, I have looked at different ideas and ways of doing my shoots and managed to gain some ideas of how I would like my shoot as from my first shoot I feel like I have improved on this shoot and got an great idea of how I would like my final images but I would like to explore more and capture food it different ways that would get the public’s attentions as I would like to advertise my food photography.

In my following images I have set up my food and set the lighting up in order to create that perfect image. The concept for this shoot way to make the food look warm and stand out as much as I can also if you look at some of my images they have bokeh which I think looks great and gives a perfect atmosphere some images look like they have steam on them as they food has been taken of then cooker which looks great. I also placed the flash in various kinds of angles which really changed the atmosphere within the images and made every images look different.

My next step is to do more shoots in order to get what as part of my proposal the whole concept is going just as I wanted but I feel as though I could do a range of shoots which could improve my images more and then I would be able to choose my final images that would work out better I have also order some equipment such as reflectors that I will be using within my images to make my image look different and eye catching.

Overall I am happy with my shoots but need some more improvements to it also as I am waiting for my equipment that I have order I have looked at different ideas in how I could shoot my food photography which will be interesting.

IMG_1996 IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2001 IMG_2003


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