Advanced Studio Practice 2A

The aim for this task was to create a self portrait of you this means adding things that you like doing as a photographer within your self portrait.

This was difficult to begin with but once I thought of my final idea of what I could capture it was easier that I thought. Because I am a freelance photographer it was a bit difficult because I like my portrait photography and I enjoy my food photography and has a hobby I like play tennis and listen to music, attending events etc. But I had to make a choose of doing one of them that I liked best and thought would work perfect for my shoot so I thought of choosing the food photography as I enjoy that best and thought it would be challenge but I’ll be create and come up with same idea that could work out as I like a challenge.

A few nights before I was looking through the net for some ideas and I had asked family and friends for some ideas most of them thought of food on my face somehow would look great which I first thought this would be great but then I wasn’t keen but as the days went on I was running out of ideas so I stuck with the cake on my face idea and went along with it.

The aim was to create a range of kinds of shoots as a profile image and this had to show what kind of photography you like so others know what your interest is as photographer.

Over all it was a great photo shoot and I achieved the results that I was looking for and clearly shown my understandings to others of what I like as a photographer and what are my interests as a photographer.

IMG_261663 copy IMG_261663

Here is an originl image with cake and cream on my face and another that I have edited using a double exposure.


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