Studio Practice 2A (1,10,100 words Task)

For this task we were asked to provide information within the service I will be doing within my photography. First I have to start with 1 word as a title to what I enjoy capturing then I had to write 10 words to give information about what i am interested in then I was asked to write 100 words and talk about what I do within my photography life and what I enjoy capturing.

1 word: Commercial

10 words: I am a Wasim and i capture mouth watering commercial food photography

100 words: My name is Wasim and I do commercial food photography my target audience for my work manly would be the commercial media and manly chefs with great talent within the food industry. I enjoy capturing a variety of foods that look mouth watering which will get the public’s attention and that’s what my main aim is for these shoots.  Places I would like to advertise my images would be posters, billboards, magazines and food menus. Recently I have started to capture Asian food which has gone really well and I have achieved some amazing results which I am very happy with.


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