Advanced Studio Practice 2A Word & Concept

Word and Concept


Getting out of the wrong side of the bed:

The aims for the task were to conceptualise the words that we had to pick randomly in a photographic point of view. This task was struggle at the beginning as we only were asked to work around within the college building. But the main purpose was to have related the following phrases within the image and show our understanding within the image and show that we have understood the concept of the task. The following images that we had to produce will be placed in our portfolio so it was very important that I got it right and made sure that I put my understanding forward and are clearly presented.

My first word was WEAKNESS within this image I had to show one of my weaknesses which is cooking.

My second word that I randomly picked was getting out of the wrong side of the bed.

How putting these two together was difficult to begin with but once we made our way around I managed to get my way around and find few objects that I tried that did work but I wasn’t keen on. Because this image was going to go in my portfolio I wanted it to be right so I wanted a plane background depending on if they were going to be objects. Finally once I got to the kitchen I found a pane and I thought of an idea with my phone alarm going off and the pane on top as I’m going to hit the pane on to the phone. Because one of my words were weakness and second one was getting out on the wrong side of the bed I thought these to items would work perfect and would give a clear understanding of my two words.

IMG_2371 IMG_2380


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