Advanced Techniques and Process 2A Test shoot 1

No day light brief. (TEST SHOOT)

For this shoot I was asked to do a shoot on no day light so the first thing that popped up in my mind was panoramic view of something or a landscape view of a place with loads of lighting because I haven’t done something like this before I thought it would be good to try it out as I haven’t experienced night shoots like this before. At the beginning it was difficult to sort of with but once I managed to get the hang of it all it was all ok and I managed to achieve what I was trying to achieve.

I managed to find a view of Bradford from a uphill area which was very dark and uphill but it gave me a beautiful view of the lighting because that was the main thing out of everything that I was wanting to achieve which I think was very successful.

In order to get that perfect shoot I had to double exposure times or even in this case maybe more because the view was wide and far out I need more exposure timing in order to let loads of lighting within the shutter. I used a tripod to stop my from preventing image shake and I kept my ISO on 100 which worked out perfect and left me to control the Shutter speed by control which was very helpful.

Over all for my first go I think I was successful with my shoots and managed get the understanding of the task I think I do need to do more of these shoots and improve on them a bit more and try to become more quick at it.  I did say in my proposal I will be using food within these shoots saying that I am think of ideas in such as how this could be done. I will be speaking to my tutor and class colleagues in order to get ideas of how this could be done.  I have thought of using food that has loads of colour and details because it in the dark and everything will look under exposed I thought using something with strong colour and detail may standout I am working on this and hopefully will be doing some shoots on this for my next shoots.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2225 IMG_2226 IMG_2227 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2231 IMG_2232 IMG_2233

I am very happy with the result of these shoots because the whole aim was to start of with my images looking under exposed until they look over exposed and these images have clearly shown that within the shoots that I have done. I will be re visiting this task and doing various kinds of shoots but trying to show my own techniques and things that I would like to add within the shoots.


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