Advanced Studio Practice 2A Conceptualising objcets 3D Glasses

For this part of the task me and my partner were asked to chose a item from a box with a various kinds of object’s and we choose the 3d sun glasses.

The aim for this shoot was to try to advertise our product and make it stand out. Due to my faulty memory card I lost my first lots of shoots so I had to reshoot my images again but I had to do this without the sun as my first shoots were done in the sun light.

The aim for the glasses was to manly based for children that like where sun glasses and watching 3d movies which is really fun for children so me and my partner planned to visit few places and try to capture the glasses in different ways where children would think of them as fun and want them as they would be fun to use in the sun and watching movies.

As we they was no sun when the shoot was done we thought of trying other ways such as places the glasses on colourful things and various kinds of items that we found outdoors which over all was very successful. It was a difficult at first because not all people to wear glasses but as kids enjoy watching animation 3d movies and they are very good for holidays so we thought they would sell more for the younger generation.

I am very pleased with my shoot and think I have managed to achieve the results that I was looking to I did think my first shoots were really successful and would have combined within the theme that we were aiming to go for but because of technical faults I lost them.

IMG_2111 IMG_2127 IMG_2133 IMG_2159 IMG_2172 IMG_2106


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