Studio Practice 2A Strength and weakness

Strength Weakness
Being debater Learning agility
Hard working/ Team player Communicating with new people
Going out once way Self confidence
Self motivated



My strengths such as being debater I am good with talking in a audience once I know everyone or if I am confident with the people that I am around, it manly depends on who I am around if I don’t really know people or don’t know anyone at all I won’t bother with anyone but if they is someone that I know I could have a great conversation.

I am very hard working and great team player I enjoy working with groups and helping out with tasks and making thing work when you work together as a great. I am very self motivated if they are a task set to be done I will not waste any time I would complete it as soon as it is set.

I like going out once way and helping out this manly depends on who it is or if I know what I am doing if I don’t know what I am doing then I’ll say I would have done it but it’s just that I don’t know what I am doing. But I am a very helpful person and enjoy helping other people through difficulties.


Learning agility: I hate making conversation with new people or taking in front of a class this depends on how much I know each person if I am comfortable with everyone I will be ok but if they are few people that I don’t really know or talk with I would feel really uncomfortable just because of them people.

I don’t like talking to people that I don’t know it would depend on the subject matter if I’m talking to someone that is talking about something I know then I’m ok because I know what to expect but if it’s going to be something about I don’t know or were I have to do the talking I would say I would struggle.

Self confidence now I really struggle with this same again here if I am familiar with what I am doing I would be perfectly ok but if I don’t know what I’m doing I would seriously struggle and lose all of my confidence. With wedding photography or birthday party’s I really struggle I just be thinking about what I should be expect or what I will be told to do or will I be able to do what the clients says.  But most of the time I have been very successful with my photography work and people have always would message back say they liked my work or if they were not happy about something they would tell me and that makes me go out of my way and make sure I correct it and on most occasion I manage to give the results what my clients wants and they would get back to me to say if I managed to do what they want and most of the time I am successful which really helps me because it gives me that extra confidence to say I can do this so no need to get under pressure or worried.Technology: cameras, lens, flashguns, all these equipments are rapidly been produced and sold in various kinds of market it is hard to stay up to date with a lot of these kinds if machinery.


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