Advanced studio practice 2A Food test shoot 1

For this shoot I have chosen to do rice and yogurt overall this was very successful and I managed to achieve my goal that I was aiming to get. As I am trying to create an advertising look I chose to use a white plate and a dark background that would make the food on the white dish stand out.

As this is my first shoot I have achieved the look that I was going for as I would be doing many other various kinds of food this was one of them that I wanted to do. For all of my shoots I will be using black and white backdrops that I have used on the following shoot which were overall successful and has made the food stand out which I think looks perfect.

For this shoot I used soft lighting which very much stood out and gave great details within the food which is what I was looking for within my photo shoot. I did use the flash in wireless and used it within different angles some shoots were not as successful as I thought by using the flash in different angles for my next shoot I would like to focus in that more and see how if I could achieve some of the looks that I am wanting within the shoot. As I used the flash in different angles some of my shoots were either over exposed or under exposed or looked very foggy. The reason for me using the flash in different angles is so I could get a different view of the dish which I may like this was the main reason I wanted to move the flash in various angles to achieve that different view of the dish as it is pin pointing and I think it is great and works very well with most shoots.


IMG_1857 copy IMG_1858 IMG_1865 IMG_1913 IMG_1917 IMG_1928 IMG_1931 IMG_1933


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