Advanced studio practice 2A First Draft proposal

For my project I will be forcing on food photography, my aim is to capture a variety of Asian spice food that we often make on a daily bases. Not only I would be forcing on the Asian spice food I would like to shoot a different kind of food that people would like what I mean by this is the public have their own taste within food so I would  like to capture a Variety of food

I will be doing a various kinds shoots all will be studio based, because I am looking at my food photography from a commercial side of point of view it will need to be eye catching and mouth watering may aim is to get the force on the main part of the food that would catch the customers attention. Pin point is a another very important within photography, pin point is like last minute touch so once I start to shoot my object moving them around a little bit and taking a shoot is pin point doing this in food photography really makes a massive difference within the images which I think would work very well and I would achieve the look that I would be looking for within my shoots.

For the next couple of weeks I will be doing shoots based on my target audience which is from the youngest to the eldest. My desire is to choose a range of dish’s which I would think are best and would like good for my shoots. The reason It is best doing shoots on a mixture of foods is because it doesn’t get uninteresting and people enjoy seen different kinds of view of your photography what I have realised about choosing one object and forcing on it every time you shoot it you tend to use the same ideas, but by using various kinds of dish’s and shooting them changes the whole concept and gives other people an idea of what you are like within doing different shoots of different products.

For my shoots I would like to use white and black backgrounds the reason to this is because once you place the product on top it stands out with the two colours and it makes it look interesting which I think will work out well especially for what I am doing. Looking at other food photographer and they have used natural colours or worktops within their kitchens which has worked out quite excellent and makes the food really stand out and I have learnt that you don’t really need strong lighting used while shooting your images even using soft lighting really makes the food stand out.  My aim is to use my flashgun with the soft box I will be shooting from different angles and using the pin point idea which will work out as I want.

I have been looking at Jean Cazals, Joakim Blockstrom, Mowie kay and Joakim Blockstrom, they are many other food photographers that I have looked at but these are the few that have inspired me with the eye catching food photography and great detail of work which looks fantastic. I will be doing research on the following photographer and look for other photographer that use Asian dish’s which I think will look great for the kind of idea I am looking for within my shoots.

I would like my photography to be advertised on various kinds of sources such as Magazines, poster’s, Billboards, leaflets, TV and many more. This is why I would like to give my images that commercial advertising point of a view. My target audience is from the teenagers from the adults male or females everyone has a favorites dish that they like.


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