Advanced T&P 2A No daylight Proposal FIRST DRAFT

No daylight for the follow brief I will be doing some shoots without using daylight lighting. My aim is to capture a variety of different food that I could capture and that may be visible in no day light. I would like to do long shooter speeds and try to capture as much lighting as possible and place the object within the image and try to make it an abstract. Another idea that I thought would be cool was to do a long exposure where there is lots of lighting and place the object in from direct in the middle so it is focused on the product and have the lighting within the background.

I will need to used my tripod as my shutter speed will be on bulb which means if I was to use it by hand I would get camera shake which will not look very professional. May main aim is to have loads of depth of field within the no daylight images and make the look strong and eye catching as possible I had an idea of making food on a high kind of chair outside but only get the food within the image. I was thinking of getting someone to hold the object in front of the camera but you will need to be still as possible so I would need to think about I will get my objects within the image and not to be shaking.

I will be using shutter shutter speed while I use my flashgun wirelessly but long shutter speeds will be used without the flashgun reason to this is because if I was to use my flashgun and having a long exposure this will over expose the image and that is not what I would like within my images. Within my images I am mainly looking for soft lighting as I have bought a soft box for my flashgun I will be experimenting on how this would work in the dark whilst shooting my food products.  Another thing that got my attention was the light trails for the cars that you get whilst using a low shutter speed. Doing 10 seconds and 15 seconds exposure on my shutter speed will give me a great details of light trails which I think will look amazing especially if I place my object in from of the lens and have the light trails within the depth of field.  I have seen some amazing light trails of various types of cars which looked totally amazing and have really inspired me and I would very much like to achieve something like that.


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