Advanced studio practice 2A Conceptualized food photograhy

I will be researching for conceptualized photographs, this work will be based towards what I would like to photograph which will be food. My aim is to find a range of kinds of photographer that I like most and the kind of work I would be doing over the coming weeks.

I am wanting to do food photography that you would see on adverts, billboards etc, the aim for this task is to do a mixture of kinds using the studio backdrop and shooting different kinds of food that people would eat on a daily bases. I would like my work to be up in exhibitions because that’s where you get various people, photographers coming that may like your work and would get sold better.

I will be looking at different photographers that inspire me the most and put a link of their work below in order to get ideas of what I will be producing. For my shoots I would want to use strong and bright lighting, I would like to have it soft and give the image a clam look and show as much detail of the food. Depth of field is another option that I really like within my photography so that I would be trying to use within my images. Brides eye view this is another amazing way of capturing images that I think looks really good which I will be using within my images. The aim is to use a plane dish and place some nice cooked food that is really hot and mouth watering that would get the public’s attention and soft lighting such as day light through the window or studio lighting.

My target audience would manly towards the public but most of all chefs that create the most amazing food and enjoy there get talents been captured. Working behind the scenes while the food is been prepared and you could see how the chef puts everything together it gives you an idea of how to do things and how you would like them best.

Pornchai Mittongtare:

David Munns:

Jean Cazals:

Joakim Blockstrom:

Carol Sachs:

Steve Ryan:

Shini Park:

Sarka Babicka:

Mowie kay:

Hilary moore:


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