T&P 1B Task sheet 4 outcome 2

The aims for this task were to do a shoot on a black and white film camera using a digital camera and then moving back to a film camera is hard work but in the other hand it’s a great deal to complete your work. With digital you can look back of the screen of your camera and take as many images as you want but with black and white you have to be careful and can’t take load of images as you don’t have much space.

Using a film camera I had to use a flash which also was part of the technique and processing task. Because we have been using different techniques with in this task I chose to use a flash with my film camera and do a shoot within my images.

The main thing that I found hard was looking at my images as I was taken them although I wasn’t comfortable all I had on my mind was either my images will be over exposed or they may be under exposed. But gaining the knowledge using a digital camera I used with the film camera which made me think everything shoot be ok and the images will come out as I want. Processing the film all went fine in the first tub we had to leave the film in for nine minutes and then for the water I had to leave it in for three minutes and then for the forth tub I left it in for eight minutes and then in the second two tub I kept them in for three minutes looking at my final result through the negative the my images have come out as I expected the results were successful and I was happy with it.

I have done shoots on various type of food that interested me using a flashgun and the result to that were successful. One of my films didn’t come out as I had expected and it was my first type using the film camera. Using the film second time was a great success I managed to achieve the results that I was wanting and my final best practice results were just as I wanted.


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