T&P 1B Final Set of Images


I have managed to choose my final image for my portfolio I’ve have placed three final images that show my dark room skills my three contact prints show various techniques that I used within the darkroom. I have done a photogram for one of my image and my other two I used a paint brush to print my image out which was a great result and just has I wanted it to be which is good. I also have chosen to use an image that has food as that was part of my proposal so I managed to get one black and white image that I contacted printed as normal.

Digital prints one of my final digital print shows my flash skills and shows how I have used them I have put two images together the one on the right shows I used the flashgun attached to the camera which overall was great result but I personally want really keen on it has it bounced of the calling and back I did use a diffuser. The picture on the left I photographed using the flashgun on wirelessly which was a perfect result has the light was bouncing of the calling and walls which make the image look bright and gave the image a warm look which I was happy with.

And the following images that were taken are based on my proposal and are showing all the different techniques I have used to achieve the results that I was look for. I personally think I have achieved the results that I was looking for to be fear I think they are better than what I thought at the beginning my then I started photographing food I wasn’t keen with the result but has I carried on and used various type of food within my shoot I felt has I was improving and getting better and looking back at my work I think I have defiantly done good and improved with everything.









IMG_8558 copy


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