T&P 1B Shallow depth of field

The purpose of this task was to use my flashgun attached on my SLR camera and shoot homemade buns. As you can see I have placed flows at the back to create a sallow depth of field which I think was a great success.


For this shoot I wanted to do a lot of focus with various type of food within the image which was a great success. But first of all my main aim was to use my flashgun attached to the camera as I tried have tried in my previous shoot but it wasn’t a great success so I was thinking to give it another try and if it wasn’t successful I will carry on using the flashgun on wireless which is a bonus.


I did not fulfil the aims I tried using the flashgun attached to my camera as I wanted to create a shallow depth of field image which was a success but without having the camera attached on the camera. Because the result was not a great success I carried on using the flash wirelessly as it was a better result.


IMG_0127 IMG_0118 IMG_0103 IMG_0090 IMG_0078


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