T&P 1B Photographing Candles using flash

Aims for this task were to use candles using a flash the results weren’t as I accepted. I did do a shoot of the candles previously using the black and white film camera and after processing and contact printing the images the results were successful which made me and to see how the results would be using a digital camera.


Using the flash with the candles wasn’t a great success once I took an image using the flashgun the candle lighting always went really light which made me think then after couple of attempts I realized it’s the flash so then I ended up doing some shoots without the flashgun but once I did that my images were coming out a bit dark and weren’t clear so I switch the flash on and set it on wireless and placed in a way which it won’t flash towards the candle and tried and it gave a great result which was good. One thing that really helped my images look great was Adobe Photoshop after taking my images i wasn’t very keen with the result so I edited them all which gave a great result I wouldn’t use them as my final best practice shoots but if I was to do a shoot using candles I would know what to do and what to aspect.


Overall the shoot was successful and i managed to overcome my problems within the shoot which was good and i got to complete my just as i had accepted sometimes when you do a shoot you will never think you will have some sort of a problem with the shoot but if you put your mind in to it and think about what could be the problem you can easily overcome it.







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