T&P 1B Vibrant colours using flash

The aims of this task were to do a shoot on the subject that I like most. For this shoot I went out and bought a range of different types of food that has colour, bright colours because I was experimenting in using the flashgun and I wanted to have another go as my last shoot didn’t go very well. For this shoot I thought about using the flashgun in wireless mode and see how that would work out.

First I set the food and fixed it up with what I had bought which was pretty good because the colours that I wanted were just as expected but better and once I started shooting my results of the images were great and I was just taking more and more the light worked out well as I had expected which was perfect. The vibrate colours that my aim was to get were already coming out and the images were just as I expected which made it easier for me to achieve what I was looking for within my images.

I fulfilled my aims of the task as I expected and managed to achieve the results that I was looking to get which was great. Using the flash gun on wireless was the best result ever because it gave me that chance to control the lighting and having in the directions that suited me the best which was amazing. I did use the diffuser which softens the light up but I wasn’t very keen on it and then the lighting started to look very dim which didn’t give a great result so then I continued using it without the diffuser.







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