T&P 1B Experimenting using flashgun

The aim for this task was to experiment with the flashgun for the following shoot which worked out great. Because I am doing shoot photography I bought some food that I could do my shoots on and also got some melted chocolate to go with the food which worked out very well.

I did some white balance shoot within the shoots and I also did some slow shutter speed and tried having some food falling in within the shoot which worked out quite well and I was pleased with. But overall the images have come out as expected and the lighting is perfect I did some shoots using the flashgun attached the camera but wasn’t really keen with the lighting it wasn’t as I wanted it so then I didn’t it wirelessly and I started to get some great results so I stuck to using it wireless for the current shoot.

I have fulfilled my aims of the task and managed to achieve the results that I was looking for at the beginning of my shoot I was having some difficulties getting the images to look as I wanted them to but after a while when I managed to get the hangs of how to use the flashgun wireless I started to achieve some fantastic results.









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