Studio Practice 1B Melted Choclate

The aim for this shoot was to carry out the shoot as usual but add some food in to my shoots as well. Because my main topic is about chocolate I was asked to experiment using other food with chocolate and to see how that would work out.
I have managed to achieve a great a variety of shoots that have really made me think that I could have done this in my other shoots but looking back at them and trying to place different shoot in them I wouldn’t really know how it would like because I am very happy with the shoots that I have achieved previously and now. I also melted some white chocolate which worked out pretty well and made the shoots look much better. My plan was to use dark chocolate but I thought that’s very common as a lot of photographer would use dark chocolate for their shoots. So to make things look different I went and tried out the white chocolate which worked out good and I am very happy with the final results.
I have managed to fulfil my aims of the task and have defiantly achieved what I was working towards and have got the results as I was expecting. I wasn’t very keen on using the white chocolate for my shoot but look at my images I think they worked perfect and also it stands out and the lighting and made the current food within the shoot stand out which was great.







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