Studio Practice 1B Food Photography

The aims for this task were to capture a variety of sweet food dish which is made by oil. My aim for this task was to place the food together in a dish and get a close up shoot of the food.

The aims of the task was to have the sweet food placed together and do a shoot of them as you would see on leaflets and posters. My plan was to break the food up in bits and have some images taken that was but as they were very oily and stick I left it to how they were and took the images as they were. I did try taking the images using the flashgun attached to the camera but my images were coming out over exposed as I wanted lots of depth of field within my images so than I captured most of my images using the flashgun wirelessly which gave a great result and shows the images as you would want and gives a great depth of field

I have managed to fulfil my aims of the task as expected and the results of the image were just as I wanted them to be which was great. I did have trouble using the flash at first but once it was set on wireless with gave me the chance to control the lighting as I wanted best to get a great result which worked out very well. Using the flash gun on wireless is a great because that way it gives you that chance in controlling the lighting in ways that you would think they look best which I personally think is a great think and your images come out amazing which is good.




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