Studio Practice 1B 5th Photo shoot

The aims for this task was to create an shallow depth of field look to my images and explore with in food that I will be shooting with. I also was asked to have different angles shoots and try to have more food within the shoot.

For this shoot I melted some chocolate and used an Easter egg with the melted chocolate my aim was to make the image look busy and explore with the food that I have got. I used the different chocolate that I had bought the reason I used different chocolates was to show that they all look different and also make the image fill up and just make the whole image look very busy.

I have fulfilled my task and have got what I was aiming to achieve which am very happy with I also will be doing more shoots as I am very happy with what I have achieved but I would like to explore with what I have got left. But overall it was successful shoot and I have achieved my goal which I am very happy with.

Here are some images that really inspired me to do this shoot are of melted chocolate this was my next challenge to do after doing various shoots using chocolate and exploring within it I thought about going a step further and melting some chocolate and give my images that over all creative look and make the whole image look busy which I personally think I managed to do. My plan was to have more chocolate used within the image as my first bar of chocolate didn’t melt as I had expected so I had to melt the other bar with some butter but try to do the shoot as soon as possible so it still runny and warm whiles doing the shoot.






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