STUDIO PRACTICE 1B forth photo shoot

Here is a another shoot that I have done my exploring with chocolate and making it look creative. I also was told to make the food look more chocolaty as I edit my images on adobe photo shop I use the levels tool which I end up making my chocolate look to dark and it doesn’t really look as eye catching but with this shoot I have useful done what was asked and made the food look eatable.

My aim for this shoot was to make the food to look eye catching and also use shallow depth of field within the shoot. I got few different chocolates and opened them up and broke them in half and did some real close up shoots to make the food look eye catching and make others want to eat it.

I have managed to fulfil my aims with in the photo shoot by giving it an eye catching look and grab other attention to it. I also managed to do an edit of the food but making the food like eatable as before I was making my images look too dark which didn’t really look as fascinating but know I have successfully managed to succeed with in my photo shoot.

The following URL that I have collected have really gave me some interesting information about how I could have my images what I also learnt was that they are many more ideas and ways to do photography one of the interesting images that really got my attention was melting the chocolate and then have variety different chocolate placed with in the melted one this is one of the great ideas that didn’t pass my mind but I have found out what you can do with chocolate and explore even more with it. My next aim is to do a shoot of chocolate but melt it and do different techniques.







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