Studio Practice 1B Third shoot (Food Photography)

My aim for this shoot was to do another creative shoot based on my food photography shoot I was asked to do another shoot on my chocolate food and been more creative as I have done in my previews shoots.
What I have got out of this is a mixture of images that I taken. For my food shoots I am trying to mix the food up and make it look creative also within these images Iā€™m trying to create a variety of food that I like best and mix them up and also have that one food or few in focus within my shoots which I have managed to create in my previews shoots and the following one that I have just done.
I have managed to fulfil my aims by taken images based on my subject and been creative within the shoots and making them look different to what they did look like and also create a depth of field within my favourite images which I personally think I have successfully created which I am very pleased with.
Here is a URL of a food photography page which has really interesting information that has helped me with the way to layout my food in different ways and give me an better understanding in how to get a perfect shot. It also has some information about how I can layout my food and how to create that depth of field within the image which really has helped and gave me a better understanding in how to capture my shoots in various ways. Also using a lower apertures gives the image more of a depth of field when you have one or more image in forces.







5 thoughts on “Studio Practice 1B Third shoot (Food Photography)

  1. These are really good!! Makes me want to eat them šŸ˜€

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