studio Practice 1B (10 facts URL)

Facts about sweet food part of my project I have chosen to do a various shoots of chocolate. My main aim is to various shoot of chocolate the reasons I have chosen to do this is because I’m commercial interested in it and like to shoot various type of photography.
So I have been told find 10 facts about the subject that I will be shooting which will be chocolate.
I have managed to find some interesting facts which were really interesting.

 Most Commercial items contain remove real fruit
 Adults procure over 50 percent of chocolate within the U.S
 An electric nose evaluate the chocolate aroma
 Some chocolate contains antioxidants which could prevent cancer and also heart disease’s

I have collected some URL that has more than 10 interesting facts about chocolate that has really interested me. I didn’t really know about some of them until I read them. I also have got three facts that I have bolt pointed.


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