Studio Practice 1B Second shoot on food Photography shoot two

What were my aims for this task?
Food photography second shoot based on my proposal for my second shoot my task was to do something different which I was given ideas by my colleagues and tutor.
What have I got from doing this?
I bought different kinds of chocolates and managed to achieve different kinds of shoots that I am very happy with. My plan was to buy the different food and do different things with it such as mixing it up with the different chocolates. Most of the images work really well they are very Sharp and show good detail within the image.
Did I fulfil my aims?
I have fulfilled my aims within in this task and I am pleased with the shoots that I have taken. If I was to choose any for my final images I would have an idea of what I would like has my final shoots. I have managed to get the shoots that I was mainly looking for my main aim was to get lots of depth and have the main object in focus which I have achieved.
Jean Cazals: She had got some amazing shoots of her food photography which give good depth of field and some real good detail within the image which has really inspired me.The food has been set up in a very professional way and the images are very shape and show great detail which I think look really good and I personally would want to some shoots that kind of look simpler to this just to give me that confidence and know that I can also do something like this because its amazing and very inspiring.







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