Studio Practice 1b Proposal Photo shoot one Task sheet 5

My aim for this task was to do a photo shoot based on my proposal. For this I am doing food photography and also I have chosen food that I personally like so for this I have planned to do food photography. My aim for this task is to get at least three to five Images I had loads that I could have used but I have chosen to do the least favourite ones.
I have managed to complete my photo shoot by going out and buying food that I like best and I have done a shoot of them which has personally worked out really well which I am very pleased with. I wanted loads of lighting for the shoot so I managed to work my flashgun wirelessly so I could place the flashgun in different places to see how the lighting looks within my images I did use different angles within the images as you look at the images you can tell the lighting as been moved around to so every image does look different.
I did manage to fulfil my aims for the following task I have managed to get the photo shoot done without any issues and completed it just has I had expected which I am very pleased with.







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