studio practice 1B Visual Symbols Task sheet 3

sweet tooth

My aims for this task was to create a visual symbols this means using visual objects to create the title of my project with in using items or products which would represent my title. We had to go out and take the images for the title we had to use the same image for any repeating letters that I may have had within the title. As part of my proposal we have to come up with a title that I could relate back to my work so I came up with one and I had to recreate it but using visual symbols which I have achieved by going out and doing the following shoot.

I went out and bought my favourite food which was chocolate and also I was at a friend’s out so I managed to use some of her food that I wanted to use for the use to create my title. Because my favourite’s food was chocolate I needed a title that would stand out so I came up with sweet tooth has my title which worked out perfectly.

I have managed to fulfil my aims of the following task I am happy with the images that I have created and the food that have chosen for the title will work out great. I managed go out and get what I need for the following task and I managed to take the image for the title as I accepted.


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