Studio Practice 1B Using a mobile in a approproate background to imply ‘context and meaning. Task sheet 1

My task was to choose a suitable background to imply a context or a meaning to my image use a mobile for as part of the object.
I choose a room full with folders as my idea and I got a my partner that I was working with to act as if they are using the subject in a busy room to make the image look real I had to have a appropriate background such as a busy working place this could have been a office, class room, standing in from of a building acting as a business man/women. If you look at the following images I have completed my task by having the appropriate background and making it look real because that was the whole aim of the task as shown the folders are the main aim to make this image look as if the person on the phone is talking about the work or something got to do with their job as they have the folder opened and busy talking on the phone.
I have managed to fulfil the aims of the following task I managed to get an appropriate background to make the subject which was the phone to look real and I have managed to make it look as if it was real because that was the main aim of the following task which I completed.





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