T&P 1A Aperture, shutter speed, ISO Practice

Shutter speed:
I got a friend of my and we went to a class room and I practiced my shutter speed.
I first tried to use the fan to make her hair fly towards one side but that didn’t really work as well as I had planned so then we came up with another plan which was she spines around the room and I capture it which was a a really good idea at first I was not sure if it’s not going to work as well as I thought but once I went ahead and tried it worked out really good.
For my first shoot I left the shutter speed open for 6 seconds which worked out really well and gave really good demotions of how to use the shutter speed. 1/160 which was very fast the reason I had it that high was because it was really bright so I needed the shutter to closes as fast as it could which worked out really well.
The following website is really good and really helped me with my shutter speeds you could try to do shutter speed with many things such as light trailers, waterfalls, etc. Reading this information really gave me an idea of what to expect within my shoot and how to work the shutter speed.
I will be trying these techniques again with subjects that relate to me more as I have done within these shoots and showing how to use the different types of ways to use the shutter speed.




I got two of my friends and did a face shoot of the starting with the lower ISO which was 100 and I made my way up to the 6400 which was the last one and this really helped me and gave me an idea of how the shutter speed works.
Light sensitivity, ISO is all based on the lighting of the image the high you the ISO is which would be 6400 the over exposed the image would be the lower the number is which would be 100 the under exposed the image would like also it depends on if your shooting internal or external.
The following link that I visited was really interesting made me aware of how the ISO really works if I was to shoot out doors I would need a lower ISO such as 100 or 200 and if I was to shoot indoors I mat need a higher ISO because I will have less lighting. I may need up to 800 or 1250 this all depends on the lighting within the room.
I will be doing these techniques again so I can get used to them I personally find the ISO techniques very simple to use it’s all about having the correct lighting for the image.
ContactSheet-j1 copy

I took an image of my friend I wanted an abstract image so you can see the depth of field which really shows I took the image at f/8 which was the lowest I could get because I was shooting in doors I couldn’t take the aperture further down as my images would have been under exposed .
I used this link to give me an idea of how to use different types of apertures which really helped and gave me an idea of how to use them using a small aperture such as what I did with main which was an f/8 it really shows that depth of field and gave me an idea of how to use it and the bigger the aperture is such as f4.0 the more light will travel through and the less of depth of field I would get within my images.
Doing these techniques have really helped me and gave me an idea of how to use a higher and a lower shutter speed doing these practical techniques has really helped me and understanding of how to use the aperture tool.



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