Techniques and processes 1a. 256 mini project

My task was to a proposal on our task which was about 256. I had to get a 256mb memory card which i bought from amazon and shoot something that either had 256 with in the picture or something that may relate to the 256 number. I had to hand in five printed images within this task I was also told that I must shoot my images on manual setting and while i’m shooting my images my aperture and also my shutter speed to be correct in order an image, my images could look over exposed or under exposed I had to use my technical skills that I have been using for the past few weeks. Also while i’m taking my images Iv also been told to not delete my images on my 256 memory card because that was part of the task so when I hand my 256 memory card in all of my images should be in order.

My idea was to collect 256 images that have been developed from past that i have been taken in the past. I had lots of images that were 5×6 and i also had a4 images that were on form board I collected them altogether until they added up to 256. I then took my images in my room using my flashgun because I had less lighting around me I then used my flashgun and had that extra lighting which really helped me. I placed the images around each other and took my images I wanted a depth of field within my image which I managed to get and it worked out very well when i tried to take my images with out my flashgun my images were very under exposed and they were not very clear and when I used my camera flashgun my images had to much lighting and the visibility of my images was very hard to see as the flash was on it. I then used my flashgun and placed the diffuser on top and once I took the shoots the result was just as I wanted it and I was happy with my shoots.

I used different ways and moved my images around to get different angled images which I did and looking at my final result I personally am impressed with my images also the depth of field which I was looking for within my which I managed to get. I did not have a clue about how I am going to get my shoots done and I thought i’ll end up deleting my images and the lighting will either be over exposed or under exposed but I managed to over come that and I got a perfect result.

I was then asked to have three images 10×8 printed by Monday 25rd November. which Didn’t get to do I will be going today and getting them printed out and also handing them in. we also was told to hand our 256mb memory cards in which we used to take our images with. which i Had with me to show. For next time I will have to make sure I get my images printed out few days before my deadline so that they are in on time.

IMG_8350 IMG_8351 IMG_8349 IMG_8347 IMG_8348


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