Studio Practice 1a Test shoots

IMG_822265 IMG_821876 IMG_818583 IMG_82170 IMG_81998

Studio test shoot.

I arranged  a date and time to meet up with a model at the Bradford College old building studio.

I booked the studio for two our and shared the timing with my friend Suman because she also had a shoot to do. I went in for the first half of the shoot and did my photo shoot and Suman n went in for the second half.

I talked to my model about what kind of shoot I would want because my first shoot model clothing was a big plan I wanted my second model to have a bit of details with in her clothing. And also because she had make up on it went really well because I hadn’t thought about it my model having make up on but overall the shoot went well.

The clothing that she had colour in it and it was a different look and also she wanted to wear a scarf on the head to cover most of her hair which I was ok with and the shoots came our as I didn’t expect the result of the shoots was outstanding. I also edit all of the shoots and covered but things that I did t want to have within my image and over all it all worked out very well and I managed to get a great result out of which I’m personally happy with. This is the kind of look and clothing I would like to shoot for my next shoot because I have done few shoot indoors I’m take my other shoots out doors this way it will give me a taste of what I like best.

This kind of high street fashion is what I’m personally looking for and think it has worked well the details of the clothing and the lighting just makes the clothing stand out and gives that out standing look which is what my aim is to get and I think doing few more shoots and comparing the results will give me an idea of what I’m looking for.  Because it’s very Hard to find models that would either want to do a shoot or want to wear what they think is best is hard so that’s why I have to look far out until the right person comes up and what’s to do the shoot. Over all I think this model was great to work with she was a very jolly person and a professional within her job role.

Working in the studio was great because it gave me chance to use the lighting the way I would like to want it that’s is one of the great thing about studio photo-shoots you have that power of doing what you want best with the lighting.  And because Sunman was there she gave me an hand with my shoot and changing the lighting and when it was her shoot I gave a hand to her and helped her with her photo shoots.


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