Task sheet 5 Studio Demo Day

My task was to find ten different facial expressions we were given a sheet with about 100 different facial expressions listed and we had to write down numbers up to 10 then we had to match our numbers with the 100 facial expressions list give by our tutor.

Then we went in the studio where different sets of lightings were set up for our groups for the day. once we were in the studio we got in pairs to do our photo shoot each person had to have at least 10 images once we had used the lighting we had to move on to a another set to use different set of lighting.

From this I have learned to use different lighting in different situations. Also with moving around and using different lighting I have managed to learn successfully in how to set the aperture settings more fast and quickly in a professional environment. Also I have the understanding of how much lighting to have use within the image. walking in at the beginning of the day to they end really built up my confidence using the studio as a professional at first I hardly knew have to but a soft box on by they end of the day i was 100% keen with everything and happy to come back and do plenty of more shoots.

For next time I will have the knowledge to set up the lighting on my own as for when I have my next photo-shoot in the studio as I will be using for the next three years. when I have a model shoot or a shoot that may involve a product or may be food in it I will have the knowledge of knowing what lightings I will need for that shoot. Studio photography ever since i have entered it I’ve always had this thing about getting  a perfect image with every shoot that I take it’s very simple to pick up a camera and capture every moment but its the motion and the effects to have within your images. This day has really made me gain allot of information and techniques that I didn’t really know about. I now know i can walk in to the studio with my head held high and I could use the various types of equipment around the room with out any problem.


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