T & P 1A. Street Location shoots

My Task was to go out and capture various types of location shoots. For the past five weeks we been working on depth of field, grey card exposure, also lens perspectives (Zoom) (wide angle), having done all these techniques we had to show what we have learn from them and try to use the techniques within my shoots if depending on how I’m planning to do my photo shoots.

This shoot was mainly aimed towards the film makers that are looking for a location within bradford where they could do a film shoot as part of this we were asked to go out round bradford where the film maker could shoot. I stayed around bradford city they was a location across the road from city park which is called little Horton lane I have been there before but didn’t really think about how it would be doing a film shoot around there. Along with finding a location we has a group are showing our photography skills after doing the shoot and going home and uploading the images I personally thing i did a fantastic job the colour the depth was all within they images which i was pretty h happy about.

We only were allowed to do these photo shoot within Bradford and we had a the different building and all the different street location to use for the photo shoots.

I did my photo shoots:Little Horton Lane, Bradford, England, United Kingdom, Just across city park they had some wonderful location that I thought were really inspiring and different. Also we had to try to make the image look different this is were I had to be imaginative and think of try to have a different look within my image which I think I managed to success in.

I could have gone in to city part or around kirkgate market but I chose this location because I’ve never done a photo shoot around here and I thought I’ll manage to get something different which I personally think I have managed to do.


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