studio Practice 1A. A mini story with no words.

My task was to use my titles of my project and replace the words of my project title by using visual symbols that could be found in particular places. This could be internal or external. because I’ll be doing most of my shoots indoor and outdoor I had to think about how I’m going to work this out Il be using the studio of some of my shoots and also ill be doing some outdoor using nature lighting.

I have make sure that the visual symbol relate back to my project name because if they don’t it would be hard for other to try to figure out what my project name is.

My titles project name High Street, I used different materials because my titles about fashion I thought about using various types of material to get you really thinking about what the project name would be. I’ve used light a ring and a hat and I’ve put them in a high place to give hints that its about high street.

IMAGE 1 IMG_7731 IMG_7733 IMG_7736 IMG_7738 IMG_7763 IMG_7771 IMG_7781

IMG_7797 IMG_7811


I have chosen to do some of my photo shoots out door and some indoors. but the main thing that I have thought about is to make sure that the symbol make sense when some one try to figure out what it means. I also have put all of my images in order to show what my visual symbol means.

Evaluation: As part of the task we had to make sure that the if the title has a same letter they image put be the simpler or could be same. My title name is High Street so for this shoot I had two different images for my letter E one of them was of a bag on a street and they other image i took at of of a bag but it was a close up shoot which no one really managed to figure out. Also one of my images i took out side which was of a post but as i was told it didn’t really fit in with they rest of my shoots which i kind of understood because all of my other images have clothing materiel within them and they was few that I captured outdoors but they were manly abstract but just that one single image was of a post it didn’t really fit it with the rest of my images. I now have an idea of how to take photo shoots looking more like abstract going out and taking these shoots have really benefited me and gained my knowledge within taking abstract images. For next time I now know that if i get a task that could be similar to within the task that i have completed I can take these ideas can use them again also I’ll have no difficulties because I have done it and gained perfect results.


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