Task Sheet 3. Exposure Grey-card (interior – Exterior)

Techniques and processes 1A

My task was to demonstrate that I understand how to take exposure reading but in Manual setting on my SLR digital camera.

To perform these test’s I had to do them interior and Exterior.

This technique only works on manual setting SLR camera, If i’m shooting in doors I’ll need more lighting so i’ll have to decrease my aperture to Either F4.5 or F5.6 depending on the lighting within the room where i capture the shoot the object.  I had two shoots that I took indoors they are the very under exposed images. After that I went outdoors and capture the images out doors using different objects and buildings.

If I was to do the shoot out doors which in this senior I did i’d take the aperture up to F8.0 or if it’s really sunny out doors i’d have to take it up to F 11 or 8 and I’d increase the aperture so they image doesn’t look over exposed.

By using a cray card you must place a grey card in front of they image and the aperture must be adjusted to the right exposer depending where you are. The grey card must face where you are going to take your shoot and once to have taken they image you can move the grey card and replace it with the object or the person that you are taking they image of. once you have taken the shoot it shoot come out with full details of they object. The main aim of this shoot is to get they correct colour and the correct depth of field and also they image shouldn’t be over exposed or under exposed it must be right. It may not come out perfect as you try for your very first time but once you get they hang of it you can’t go wrong i did struggle at first but i kept on trying unit i managed to get they hang of it.


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