Mini Project

Our task was to find an artiest from wikipedia. And go five paragraphs down and then five to the right and once we found the word we had to capture the images that could describe that word.

SEVERAL: was my word that I found over the weekend it was my cousins sister 3rd birthday, and I was taking images and the one thing i had in my head was several I know I’ll manage to find something. My main plan was to get images from various types of places I could have taken them all that the party but I thought about visiting different location where I may be able to find something which i successfully managed to to. This task was about using our knowledge and going out and capturing that right image. Also i came across an image that was of a guitar that I had taken when i visited leeds the main purpose of this image was the details of the guitar the pattern repeated over and again which I think was really interesting and inspiring. The guitar it self was made out of card board I was busy capturing unit I came across this  guitar even when i was taking the image i didn’t realise unit I started to look at the details and realised that its been made out of card board which was really interesting. And my other images were of the balloons and crisps and chocolate that were at the party. As always I had managed to get my full five images the was two that were the same which were of the guitar so I was thinking that I must take another image which i successfully I took an image of a door which had several windows on it which i thought was pretty good it was an old door and the details of it were perfect for me. When capture this door my aim was that I also wanted to details to be within the shoot so i could have they image over exposed or under exposed because the details on the door could also be part of my word several.

IMG_5833 IMG_5831 IMG_5362IMG_5114 IMG_4957 IMG_4909 IMG_6475


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